"Open Ticket" was released in December 2006 in France, distributed by EMI, then a few months later, Japan and Italy. The album is "album of the week" on FIP and playlisted, go on Nova and local radios. Follows a series of interviews and press articles.


« The groove declined in all its forms is the common point to where the tracks often inspired world music is featured. A bazaar where one crosses the shadows of Tricky, Vikter Duplaix or even Rachid Taha.

The immediate boarding is provided, no need to fasten his seat belt, no risk of air holes! »


Trax, janvier 2007

« Without wanting to make music postcard, our man has created a rich music, which can not be locked into patterns too easy. Malko was looking for a truly open music, no frills, it has managed to rise to the level of its ambitions. »


Liability, février 2007

« Bonsai surprises us here with the excellent craftsmanship of this disc. The twelve destinations imagined by Malko is a very consistent debut album, finely colored, warm, elegant but not too sweaty studio and digital gadgets. »


Downtempo, mars 2007

« ... It provides a chic house (Follow my lead) worthy of the label Naked and shows with" Lose You ", in addition to the Smooth from Nantes, in France there is more of a musician capable of producing an electro lysergic sip of references jazzy. The chic and sophisticated lounge music that is made in Paris has good days ahead. »


Musicnet magazine, novembre 2007

« Malko is a pleasant surprise in terms of deepness in this season, and can not be too adviser to throw a listening ear ... Enjoy ! »


Open mag, novembre 2006

« Not having decided to take the most natural way to go around, rather it is the most sensual Malko has chosen to follow and if the contrast of one song to another is real, each suite is rather logical arrival and each landing is gentle, as if the transition was natural and whenever any shift or schedule or climate could disrupt a discovery so charming! More's art is a true genius of Malko that we invited ... this is not to be missed! »

Zicazic, janvier 2007


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