After playing in various bands (No way out / Manchild), made a series of concerts, and produced several projects, whether for television or other artists (Gérard Darmon, Kimmy), it was in 2003 that the adventure begins for Matthew Brillard aka Malko.

Taking its nickname from a reminder of his first name and the hero of SAS Gerard de Villiers, Malko began composing tracks alone influenced by electro, house and trip hop. He met Pierre Darmon, then FGL Productions, and released some Tracks on "Scandal" and "Blue Moments" distributed by Wagram Music, 2003 and 2004.

Then he starts working on his album project "Open Ticket", still under the leadership of Pierre Darmon and his new label, Bonsai Music.


This first album is a musical journey from Paris to finish in London, via Kingston, Dakar or Bombay.


Composing all tracks, programming, keyboards and some vocals, he also uses his musician friends to participate in the project:  Thomas Naïm (Guitar), Art Bleek (saxophone and flute), Airelle Besson (trumpet), Jean Baptiste Marino (guitar) and guest appearances such as Hugh Coltman, Hindi Zahra, Spleen, or Vanessa Carracci or Malik Adouane.


"Open Ticket" was released in December 2006 in France, distributed by EMI, then a few months later, Japan and Italy. The album is "album of the week" on FIP and playlisted, go on Nova and local radios.


The album is showed on stage by a dozen concerts in 2007 with a band formed with Thomas Naïm, Hugh Coltman, Ferricia Fatia (ALS), Come Aguiar (Silmarils, Oxmo puccino) and Dacu (Raul Paz, Spleen). Several titles are found on Wagram Releases (Nu jazz, Indian Zen, etc ...) and in Japan, then “Follow my lead” is remixed by S-tone inc.


From 2008 to 2012, Malko composes new titles, especially for Kimmy (Vitaa) and Jean Roch, but more specifically for him. In an atmosphere less world and electro, refocused on more pop, soul and a touch of rock, it runs over the songwriter side, around songs suited to his voice, combining music with emotion and energy.

The album “Life in tune” starts to take shape as a more personal project, with the participation of Manu Paillardon (bass) and Jules Leborgne (Electric Guitar).


The theme of the album is built around moments of life and the search for fulfillment, hence its title, "Life in tune." Obviously this is a balancing act fraught with risk, make questions and learning that affects everyone and that is hard to achieve.


The music gives these different feelings, from the tinted pop soul to more blues atmospheres, as well as the energy of rock and electro arrangements.


Mixed and arranged by Blackjoy (Jerome Caron), with guest appearances from Alex Keren and Yasmine Kyd, Life in tune’s production ends in 2015, with the recording of the last track “Fall”, and with a new band formed with Philippe Rinino (Drums), Pablo Cellada (Guitar) et Jean Claude Kebaili (Bass).


Malko is currently preparing the release of the album planned for 2016, accompanied by Olivier Cadi and his new label, Foreplay Records.



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